No Time To Play

Psalms 82:3-4 says, “Defend the poor and the fatherless:do justice to the poor and the needy. Deliver the poor and needy: rid them out of the hand of the wicked.

We have a project at Children of God Ministry. In the closing months of 2010 we were made aware of the eye opening documentary Maafa 21: Black Genocide in 21st Century America.

Maafa, a Swahili word meaning,”Great tragedy or disaster”, refers to the over 500 years of oppression suffered by Africans and their dependants under slavery, colonialism, Imperialism, racism. Maafa 21 presents irrefutable proof that the motivation for abortion was eugenic, the extermination of Black People in America.

This past November, we, with the support of some dear friends, distributed 1300 Maafa 21 DVD’s to some 1300 Churches. One of our goals is to follow up by contacting each one of the 1300 Churches to see what effect Maafa 21 has had on their Congregation.

At Children of God Ministry, we believe that if the information contained in Maafa21 was widely known in the community, that it would not only affect the rate of abortion but it would also have an affect on any political party that promotes and help carry out this genocide toward our neighbors.

Our opposition is spending millions of dollars on their agenda. We’re looking for donations to help us fight for life and end the Abortion Era. — Bishop John Lawson




My people have no time to play,
To flaunt around and while away!
Our tears and toils have just begun,
For we have a mighty race to run.
We must light the sparks of hight resolve,
And in our souls our problem solve,
And climb the rugged hills of fame,
And with the nobles, write our name.
My people cannot whine and beg,
For dole and crumbs and daily bread,
If we hope to gain or win,
Complete respect of other men.
No, No, we have no time to play;
We must hurry forward while it’s day.
With all our might we must fight to win,
And cling together to the end.
We must take this great conflict in stride,
But in our souls let truth abide!
For heed not to what others say,
For indeed we have no time to play.
The hills we must climb to find our God,
Are rugged all the way and hard!
But in order to make this journey pay,
We have no time to flaunt and play!
We have ten thousands things to do,
That call for grit and faith anew,
That should be done, and must be done,
If this race is ever won!
We must build our factories and our banks,
We must toil as one, and close our ranks,
And show the world it can be done,
Through work and not by having fun.
Yes, my people, they must labor hard,
In answer to the will of God.
Toiling, struggling every day,
We never have time to play!
My people must join hand and heart,
And fight as one, and not fall a part
It matters not what others say,
We do not have any time to play.

  A poem by The Reverend Richard Collins